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Thank you for tuning to Stay in the Know with me Sheila Guerrero! I have a great show lined up for you! But first I want to tell you a bit about my show. Stay in The Know will have all the latest news including local, national and international news. I will also highlight individuals, community organizers and companies who are making a prolific differences in our community.

And yes there will be the latest entertainment news, sports as well as health and beauty segments!

But I must admi
t my favorite segment is the "Stay In The Know with Chef Guerrero" segment! You all know I love to cook! I will give you some of my most talked about recipes and you will definitely enjoy them!
And last but not least, get ready for the "Let Me Tell YOU" segment! It is when I give my opionion on some of the most outrageous news that has been flooding television and social media. I will give you all the choice of deciding who or what I should talk about. Now I must warn you this is a segment were I get in my feelings a bit. In other words, it can get heated! And you will be able to send me your questions and suggestions on a topic to give you a clear answer!
Now with all that being said, thank you again and let’s get to the news in our community, your country and our world!
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Cyber Monday: Scam Alert!

Memphis, Tenn. Now that Black Friday is over many will crowd the internet and shop online hoping to find even better deals, but some may encounter fraudulent sites for those "to good to be true" bargains. Tarchelle Bryant says she shopped online last year for Cyber Monday and her deal wasn't what she bargained for. She later found out the website was based in a foreign country and when her shipment arrived is wasn't at all what she thought she had purchased. 

"You can see that there's problems with the stitching, there is a broken zipper and when I tried to contact the company it was a fail, I couldn't reach them and so basically it was a great deal, but I lost my money," said Bryant.

There are several online sites that have consumers questioning its authenticity sites like which advertises on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram and other sites affiliated with such as Pink Queen.

Like Bryant, the majority of the complaints are clothes not being what was shown on the sites, sub-par material and shipments not arriving at all. I reached out to and Amazon for comment, but have yet to receive a reply. 

According to Angie Barnett with the Better Business Bureau, "What 
happens is you see with social media and you see with pop-up ads with coupons that scam artists can post on Facebook can send or put out pop-up ads that are gonna divert you from the retailer you're looking for to another website that is fake, it's bogus it's spoofed."

"Just do your research and find reviews on the company, because most of the time there's are a lot of people who have had the same experience," said Bryant.

Yes Cyber Monday is more convenient you can sit comfortably in your home or at the office while you're working so hard, oppose to to being trampled standing in long lines, or having some adult snatch items from your kid. Now just add a little research while you're clicking and you'll have a smooth sleigh ride to usher in the Christmas season - Merry Christmas.

Reporting in East Memphis,
Stay in the Know with Sheila Guerrero
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